Full-Year Curriculum & Units Catalog

What makes Lab-Aids a program?

  • Real-world issues make the content relevant
  • Complete equipment packages support up to 160 students
  • Built in literacy strategies support diverse learners
  • Teacher resources provide support now and in the future

Applied Science, Modules & Agricultural Kits Catalog

We've never been "just kits."

Hands-on learning is more than playing with science equipment.

When students are fully-engaged in a task, they are actively doing, actively thinking and actively discussing. While hands are engaged, minds are questioning, sorting through input, and making connections. 


Career Readiness & Technology Catalog

Prepare your students for the jobs of tomorrow, from agriculture to healthcare and other sciences. Lab-Aids has kits, modules, and full-year curriculum to help you create engaging  hands-on and real-world learning opportunities. 


STEM Catalog

Our STEM products engage your students in real-world issues and problems, sensemaking, and engineering all while applying rigorous math and science content.

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