EDC Earth Science


EDC Earth Science is a full-year, activity-driven high school earth science course developed with support from the National Science Foundation, and fully aligned to A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas (the Framework) (National Research Council [NRC], 2012), with full, visible support for all the NGSS elements – DCI, SEP, and CCC. EDC Earth Science has been designed in the belief that students are capable of rigorous and in-depth explorations in science when given adequate support, structure, and motivation for learning. EDC Earth Science is a program of EDC’s Oceans of Data Institute, and was developed with support from the National Science Foundation.


Although most Districts prefer to schedule this first-time training during the summer, it can be scheduled at any time during the year. In workshops for teachers new to the program, teachers will learn to:

  • Understand and use the CONSIDER-INVESTIGATE-PROCESS learning cycle embedded in the course design and structure
  • Target and reduce student preconceptions about key earth science concepts
  • Use formative and summative strategies to assess student learning
  • Teach for greater understanding of earth science content to prepare students for more advanced courses, based on recommendations in national and representative state frameworks
  • Develop student literacy by building reading, writing, analysis, and communication skills using the support for literacy embedded in the program
  • Develop student critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Support students’ abilities to work with large data sets and increasingly complex models for understanding the Earth and its systems
  • Teach for three-dimensional (3D) learning as called for in the Next Generation Science Standards

Professional development will introduce teachers to the EDC Earth Science course tools, and will provide hands-on exploration of selected laboratory and online activities that will prepare them to use the program effectively with students.

EDC Workshop PD Pricing

What is needed? One session (PD-EDC-NU1) is usually sufficient to provide an overview of the EDC fundamentals and course design, plus training on one unit of interest. Districts typically opt for 2-3 days of training for extended coverage, with a summer start and mid-year follow up where possible. 

Contact us at institute@lab-aids.com, for more details.