Southwest & Mountain

A good science program conveys a sense of wonder at the dynamic nature of a complex and amazing world.

After 17 years teaching sixth grade in both English and science in a magnet middle school for the arts in central Las Vegas, Betty transitioned to Lab-Aids®, having been impressed with the SEPUP life science program she used during her first two years teaching science.

When the curriculum changed to a combination of NGSS-based physical, Earth, and life sciences, she no longer had a SEPUP program to use for the majority of the year. She felt it as a loss both to herself and her students. She especially missed its easy-to-use, engaging hands-on activities; supporting materials such as data tables and graphing; and excellent teacher manuals that provided background science information along with instructions and explanations about activities.

Betty holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction / Integrated Teaching Through the Arts. She used arts-integrated activities in her classroom, such as Reader’s Theatre, writing lyrics or creating video to show understanding, and using movement to model concepts.

As a science teacher who had not majored in a science, she appreciated the strong teacher provided by Lab-Aids® / SEPUP. She is delighted to be able to offer such programs to teachers in her part of the country as the Southwest Curriculum Specialist sales representative.

Outdoor activities, travel, film, occasionally writing freelance articles and poetry, and visiting with her grandsons are favorite ways she spends time outside of work. Her first 25 years were spent in beautiful upstate New York. She loves to visit, but doesn't miss its winters and mosquitoes.