Mid-Atlantic Region

Denis knew as a high school student that he wanted to teach science. After graduating from Ohio State University he taught seventh grade, eighth grade, biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science every day at a parochial school in central Ohio. He learned that his enthusiasm for science didn't necessarily make his students love science so he experimented with the SEPUP module, Groundwater Contamination: Trouble in Fruitvale. He and his students were hooked. 

A few years later Denis transitioned into being a science abstractor at the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse where he developed the digital dozen (a bakers dozen) of exemplary science and math websites. He also made sure that the science collection had examples of all of the NSF sponsored curriculum programs. 

He began his career at Lab-Aids® in 2000. He has served in several US regions and has helped hundreds of thousands of students experience world-class science programs. This is still what gets Denis up in the morning.