North East

Jon has spent thirty years in K-12 educational curriculum and technology business. During that time, Jon has worked for well known companies in education, including School Specialty Science, Herff-Jones, and Activate Learning. Jon is a person that believes deeply in the importance of personal relationships and working as a partner with school districts. 

Jon has spent his career promoting student based learning programs. Jon is extremely excited to be a part of the Lab-Aids team. Lab-Aids® has the best programs in the business. Jon believes that excellent programing and servicing your customers properly, you create life long partners and friends. 

Jon coaches baseball, softball and football. Jon played football at the University of Rhode Island. Jon has also been in five films. In his spare time, Jon enjoys spending time with wife and his four children. He has also been a big brother to a young man in the bid brother/big sister program. His oldest son is on the autism spectrum and has been an advocate for children with special needs.