Do you already have a Lab-Aids Portal account? Select an option below:




What to do if you've agreed to be an Admin and you don't have an account yet:
  1. If you are aware that your school / district has purchased portal access from Lab-Aids, please contact your Curriculum Coordinator (or the person who makes science curriculum decisions) to determine whether your school has appointed you as the Portal Admin to Lab-Aids. It can take a few days for Lab-Aids to process the purchase and portal setup internally, so that could be the cause of any delay.
  2. If you are still concerned about Portal access and it has been a week or more since your purchase, you can contact us at to find out where your school / district is in the portal setup process.


You are the Admin and you have received your login credentials from Lab-Aids. Now what? 

As the Admin, you are responsible for rostering teachers and students and assigning licenses to teachers. Your teachers and students will not have access to the Portal until you do this.*

1. Log in:

2. Change your password 

3. Roster your teachers and students

*Most of our Admins are "School Admins" and will follow the above instructions. If you have been told you are a "District Admin," here are instructions on how to setup your schools and School Admins. If you have been set up with another method (Google Classroom Integration, LTI integration, etc.), Lab-Aids will email you with specific instructions on how to proceed.

If you have further questions, please feel free to check out the Admin FAQs or reach out to us at