Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Yes. POs can be emailed to customercare@lab-aids.com, or physically mailed in (17 Colt Court, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779).

Do I need a login to purchase something?
No. You can purchase through the Store on the website with a guest checkout, through your State rep, emailing or calling the main office at (800) 381-8003.  

I need a W-9 to make a purchase. Where do I get this? 
Complete a Contact Us form or email Customer Service directly at customerservice@lab-aids.com.

I need to order a few things to refill my equipment. How do I do that? 
Refills for full-year middle and high school curricula can be made through the site with a credit card or with a print form to email in. Refills for kits and modules are best found through the search tool and added to your cart. 

I'm having trouble finding what I need in the search menu. 
Less is more. One key word, not pluralized, is often more successful. We are working to improve the search feature. 



Do you have programs designed for the NGSS? 
Yes! SEPUP, at the Lawrence Hall of Science, has been developing its middle school program, Issues and Science, Designed for the NGSS, for the past two years. Learn more about it at lab-aids.com/ngss.

I need help assembling my storage carts. 
We've created a video to help with this! 

I can't find the Teacher Guide for a kit. Can you send me one? 
We can send most Teacher Guides as a PDF for smaller 1-2 day kits, use the Contact Us form to make this request. Larger modules like Fruitvale and Environmental Impact or any full year curricula must be purchased per our partnership agreements with the developing institutes. Look for your kit in the appropriate location in the Store to find your Teacher Guide (TG).

I am missing MSDS sheets. Where can I get a new one? 
You can email our Product Chemist, Darius Nicpon, directly for a replacement.

How do I see if your programs align with my state's standards? 
Unique correlations to our full-year middle and high school programs can be found on each State page



Where do I login to the Teacher Portal to access the Student and Teacher Books? 
The link, Book Login, is at the very top of every page. 

I forgot my username or password. 
Please use the "Forgot password" on the login page or contact your school administrator. For privacy reasons, Lab-Aids does not have access to this information. 

More specific portal questions
Check out the Portal FAQ page for all things portal related.