If you're here for the first time, welcome! Click on the link(s) below to get started with the refill process. See our Refill FAQs for additional guidance for things like drawer images for each unit. 

If you've refilled with us before, we've upgraded the process to allow refills to be done entirely online, if desired. A print option with pricing is also available on the store should you prefer. For your convenience, Google and Excel Sheets are also listed below, without pricing - simply for ordering organization. You will need to make a copy to open these. 

Middle School

Third Edition Units:
Second Edition:

High School



Refill Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I've never done refills before. What's the easiest way to get started? 
    • Everyone is a little different, but we suggest getting started with a printed image set of each drawer in your curriculum. Many teachers keep these images with their drawers all year long. Using those images and itemized lists, work through each unit and drawer adding what is needed to your cart. Use the "online" link for your curriculum and/or unit to find these images. 
    • Some teachers prefer to print the refill lists and physically go through their drawers when it's time to reorder. Others like to keep a printed list with each unit and mark off items in real time if something goes missing, needs to be replaced, or has been fully consumed. 
  2. Can I filter curriculum refills by unit and drawer online? 
    • Yes, you can filter curriculum refills by unit, then use the list to see the drawer numbers. The lists default to be organized by drawer. 
    • Start by selecting the curriculum from the links above. Middle school is already linked by unit. For high school, select the curriculum link and using the filter column on the left, select or deselect the unit(s) you'd like to see. 
  3. Can I print refill lists online? 
    • Yes, you can print refill lists online.The print view is currently only available through the links above, rather than using the filters. Select the unit or curriculum from the links above, then use the "Print View" button to open it as a PDF to either save or print. Note that pricing online pricing is always the most accurate and printed versions may become outdated over time. 
  4. Do you have pictures of each drawer and a list of items in each so I know what's missing? 
    • Yes, all current editions (in bold) have images for each drawer of materials and are labeled with a corresponding, itemized list of items and part ID numbers. Use the "online" link for your curriculum and/or unit to get started. 
  5. Do you have refill bundles that include all the consumable materials so I don't have to order individual items separately? 
    • Yes, we have refill packages for all of our curricula. They appear in the list of options at the top of the refill lists. Individual items are listed below by unit/drawer. 
  6. Do I have to order online? 
    • No, you can still print your lists and email them to customerservice@lab-aids.com to get an invoice. 
    • That said, there are several advantages to ordering online, including the ability to make an account and see previous orders, making reorders the following years much easier. And yes, you can pay with a Purchase Order online. 
  7. What if I just want to search for specific parts? 
    • You can search specific refill parts by ID number or part name using the search bar and/or the filters in the general Refills page. The preset curriculum lists are simply to organize materials and to easily move down the list to add parts as needed. 
  8. I need to get approval before I can make purchases. 
    • Many teachers need to get approval before purchasing. We've built a step into the online cart that allows you to 1) send an itemized PDF list to someone right through the system, or 2) you can transfer the cart to someone else who will actually fulfill the purchase. 
  9. Can I pay with a Purchase Order online? 
    • Yes, you can pay with a Purchase Order online. In the checkout process you'll have the option to enter a PO number and attach the PO directly. From there our Customer Service team will reach out to complete the order. 
  10. Why don't the Google and Excel sheets have pricing? 
    • The Google and Excel sheets are available for districts that prefer to organize their refill process digitally before actually placing their order. The online store is organized in the same way, but these sheets allow for collaboration across many people prior to purchase. 
  11. How do I transfer my cart to someone else? 
    • A cart can be transferred to someone else who will actually make the purchase. To do this, complete your shopping by adding to your cart as you normally would. When you are finished, click on the cart and, on the lower part of the page, there is an option to "Transfer Cart." This will create a link that you then copy and paste into your communication to the recipient. The recipient then clicks the link and completes the billing, shipping, and payment information (essentially, the checkout process as if the cart was their own. 
    • Once a cart is transferred, only the recipient can update it. The original owner can update their own cart and send a new link if needed.