What is a "Group" and why would you want to create one? A Group could be a subset of a Class, a combination of Classes, or include select students from various Classes. It's up to each school and teacher if they wish to include students in Groups, and if so, how. For example, if students are completing the program at different paces, students can be included in Groups based on their pacing to make communicating and assigning homework easier. Here is how to create a Group: 


1. After logging into your teacher account, select Group from the left-hand side menu. On the subsequent window, select Add Group to create a new Group.

create group 1

2. Define a name for this new Group. Select the Class that you wish to select students from. This will populate a list of students in this Class where you can select which students should be added to this new Group.

create group 2

3. Once all students have been added to the new Group, select Save.

Once groups are created, teachers can assign books/homework/assessments to these groups.