When syncing users from Google Classroom to the Lab-Aids Portal, we determine whether to roster users as teachers or students by looking at each user's permission to "create course." If a user has the "create course" permission, the user will be rostered as a teacher; if not, the user will be rostered as a student.

Sometimes a student will be mistakenly rostered as a teacher. This is caused by the student having the "create course" permission. 

How to resolve a student being rostered as a teacher: 

1. Please have your Google Workspace admin remove the "create course" permission from this student in Google Workspace. 

2. Please notify portals@lab-aids.com when this permission has been removed from the student in Google Admin, and please provide the username (email) of the student. Lab-Aids will delete this user from our database. Then, when the student's teacher logs in again, the teacher's selected classes will sync automatically, and this student should be rostered correctly as a student. 

3. If the problem persists, an additional suggestion is to remove all groups (temporarily) from the student's Google account and let us know when you have done that. We will delete the student from the portal and request the teacher log in and sync while the groups are still removed from student's account. Google Admin can add the groups back to the student's Google account once the student has synced correctly as a student.