Assessing the PEs

Moving from bottom to top, these Learning Pathways visualize the three dimensional path students take as they work towards a Performance Expectation (PE). Often, several Learning Pathways are intertwined within one unit as students work towards multiple PEs.

Summative assessments are built into the Learning Pathway when students reach the PE, as well as formative assessments and quick checks along the way so students and teachers may evaluate their progress at multiple places throughout.

Core components of the SEPUP assessment system

2019 Assessment Chart


Sample Student Exemplar

Shown here is the start of a student response exemplar where students have been asked to design a new school property, while mitigating the human impact on the environment.

This particular assessment comes at the end of a unit where students have been immersed in this topic and uses the Communicating Concepts and Ideas variable and scoring guide. 


Beyond Assesment


An intentionally flexible approach to all program activity types helps accomplish our goal that all students achieve scientific literacy. 


Our proven science programs provide frequent opportunities for students to develop their language skills. Though they vary across the middle school and high school programs, each provides embedded strategies to help teachers explore students' thinking. 

Middle School Programs

Preview to see how literacy, differentiation, and assessment supports are built into the SEPUP middle school programs.