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Driving Questions Boards (DQB) used to drive phenomena in a virtual classroom

Explore the use of a Driving Question Board (DQB) as a tool to make the phenomena meaningful and connected to science content. Pro-tips and full exemplary DQB walkthrough with our experienced classroom trainers. Several DQBs will be showcased on different platforms (Jamboard, Padlet, etc) and each participant will have access to each as a template to take back to your classrooms.

Planning a unit for the hybrid model — what to do synchronously vs. asynchronously

Work through both an activity and a full unit through the lens of a hybrid classroom. What needs be done synchronously versus asynchronously, virtually or in-person, or both simultaneously? All participants get access to an activity and simulation that works well in-person and remotely.

Using Virtual Summary Tables within a SEPUP unit

Help your students track their knowledge and understanding of a phenomenon by building a Summary Table. Students learn to record their understanding, observations, and evidence after each activity as a way to continually connect to the anchoring phenomenon and storyline. Visual Summary Tables allow students to connect the "why" to each activity. Teachers will leave with an understanding of using Summary Tables within a SEPUP unit, which can easily be transferred to other units. Teachers will also have access to digital Summary Table templates. 

Using Google Slides for breakout room discussions and competitions

Participate in a model activity focused on increasing student engagement using Google Slides for breakout room discussions and competitions. Participants will use and have access to Group Interaction scoring and Developing Communication Skills guides as tools to promote and evaluate student interaction.

How to teach a hands-on activity remotely using demos

Work with our seasoned, virtual classroom teachers for ideas and pro-tips on running an effective science demonstration. We'll focus on logistics of the set up, how to encourage student engagement, and student accountability. Participants may enter to win select hands on kits, good for virtual demos, virtual lab instruction, or face to face in the classroom.

Learn about Issues and Science: Redesigned for the NGSS

Join Lab-Aids and SEPUP curriculum developers for a webinar dedicated just to the Issues and Science middle school science program. This webinar is intended for teachers, committee members, and administrators reviewing middle school science programs. We will focus on the NGSS design and philosophy of the overall program, the numerous built-in supports for teachers, and will walk through one unit together. All participants will be given 90-day sample access to the digital portal, as well as an optional sample activity mailed after the webinar. 

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