Online program Features

student page in book highlighted to show ReadSpeaker features


ReadSpeaker is built into all of our program portals. This text-to-speech functionality allows students to listen to an audio version of Lab-Aids content. Text will be highlighted as it is read.  

  • No downloads or plugins required. Works on any device from a browser.
  • Choose to read an entire page or just a selection of text.
  • Text is read aloud in English. We do not currently support ReadSpeaker in Spanish, but we are aiming to provide this in the next year. 
Table of Assessment Data in the Lab-Aids Portal

Built in Assessment

The Lab-Aids Portal allows teachers to utilize two separate features within their account: assigning homework and assigning tests/assessments. Most Lab-Aids curricula include a pre-defined item banks that teachers can use to create their own tests. Teachers can additionally create their own questions if they wish.

PD Videos

A variety of resources ready when you are. These videos support the hands-on professional development offerings and can help with topics ranging from lesson planning and lab set-up to delving deeper into pedagogy and best practices. 

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