Supplemental Kits and Modules

In 1963 Lab-Aids started with supplemental kits in an effort to provide teachers with everything needed for thoughtful, hands-on activities to approach difficult concepts. 

Kits and modules are a cost-effective way to teach content that is hard, rife with misconceptions, or inherently less relatable to students. 


Full-year Science Curriculum

Students who use our programs spend over two-thirds of their instructional days doing screen-free labs and investigations. 

Instructional design and unique equipment help bring out student ideas and encourage learning through personal, concrete experiences. We believe there is no replacement for hands-on investigation so we’ve created middle and high school science programs that make them a priority whenever possible. 

Dozens of dropped bottles get filled with solution

Unique Solutions

Sometimes an idea comes along that takes an already great thing and makes work even better for a specific application and purpose. But, how to make the idea become a reality?

Because we manufacture much of our own science materials, Lab-Aids is uniquely positioned to provide unique solutions for custom curricular projects. With the support of our development and professional learning teams, we can put together a full package to meet the needs for corporate community efforts, district and state level projects, and customized curriculum.

Development partnerships