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Your students' needs are unique and no one understands them better than you. While no nationally offered program will be perfect for every class out of the box, we feel confident about our customization offerings to help teachers meet both state standards and the specific needs of each student. Whether your state follows the NGSS or has its own approach, we’ve mapped our curricula to your state’s standards. All of our core programs integrate

  • Three-dimensional learning
  • Formative assessment
  • Hands-on learning
  • Phenomena and problems


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Highly reviewed by EdReports

Our middle school program, Issues and Science was developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science in response to the need for high quality, three dimensional, phenomena driven curriculum. It has earned the second-highest overall scores for middle school science curriculum.

A dedicated specialist for your state

Our Curriculum Specialists live and work in your region and are specialists in each of their states. In addition to regional conferences we also provide workshops and trainings in host schools. 

Curriculum approved for your state

Select your state above to check out current correlation documents for your state, the NGSS, and the Common Core for middle and high school programs. 

Course Structure

All of our programs generally consist of 5-6 units that can be adjusted to meet your school’s scope and sequence. Click your state above to visit its own unique page, complete with resources for scope and sequence, correlations, and more.

Our middle school program, Issues and Science, is so customizable that we’ve created a drag and drop tool to help teachers design a sequence that works best for their students.


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Customize your middle school curriculum

Unit books and equipment packages make it easier to customize a program based on state standards and a recommended scope and sequence. Use the Curriculum Builder to interactively create your SEPUP middle school curriculum.

We've done most of the work for you, aligning performance expectations to most states' suggested scope and sequence. Select your state, or start from scratch, dragging units into the grade that best fits your school or district needs. 


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We've put together a nice little bundle of materials for one representative activity from each of our programs. Copies from both student and teacher texts, additional resources and supports, and all the materials needed to run the sample activity.