Some customers may encounter an issue in which they are unable to log into the portal because the login screen is essentially blank. Description of the problem:

  • Customers navigate to
  • The background image of the two girls loads successfully
  • The section to enter login credentials does not load; therefore, customers cannot log in.

Background image loads, but not login section


Next steps for teacher:

  1. Try restarting your computer and browser. 
  2. Does this happen with all users/devices at the school/district, or just some users? 
  3. Try multiple ways of logging in to see if anything produces a different result:
    1. Log in with an incognito window
    2. Log in with a different browser
    3. Log in with a different device on your district's network
  4. Try logging in using a device that is not connected to your school/district's network -- a phone, personal computer, etc. We suspect this will result in a successful login.
  5. If you find anything that resolves the problem, please let us know what worked.
  6. If the problem persists after the above, please communicate the above findings and escalate this to your tech department for assistance. Feel free to include

Next steps for the tech department:

  1. Ensure the district has whitelisted these URLs: 
  2. From the problematic device, capture the browser’s Chrome HAR logs while navigating to These logs may help us troubleshoot to see if anything is being blocked when you’re navigating to our portal login page.
  3. We’d also welcome any other logs/documentation as recommended by your tech department to help determine if anything is being blocked while navigating to
  4. If needed, we can schedule a call to screenshare and gather more information. 
  5. If you do find anything that resolves the problem, please let us know what worked.