a student wrinkles her nose and closes her eyes tight as she taste tests a solution from a cotton swab


What to do after state testing? It's a common challenge for teachers to find themselves in front of a room full of students who are off their routine and burnt-out from the demands of state testing. That relentless focus on exams can leave them feeling overwhelmed and disengaged.

Counteract this slump by providing interactive, experiential learning experiences through hands-on, inquiry-based activities. As science educators, you have the advantage of a subject that already has lab days. By incorporating these interactive days into the routine, students are encouraged to actively explore concepts, ask questions, and collaborate with their peers. This approach not only fosters a deeper understanding of the material but also reignites students' interest by providing them with meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences. 

    Here are some ways that Lab-Aids science kits can be helpful after state testing is finished: 

    Need more ideas? Lab-Aids offers over two hundred unique kits and modules that provide teachers with not just the lesson, but everything needed for thoughtful, hands-on activities. We hear from countless teachers who discover Lab-Aids for the first time and love it so much that those activities become a favorite staple of the curriculum year after year.  

    Lab-Aids Middle School Supplemental Kits  

    Hands-On Investigations | Available Grades K-12 

    Lab-Aids offers two types of supplemental activities: 

    • Kits completed in 1-3 days 
    • Modules completed in 8-30 days 

    Easily fill instructional gaps, reinforce challenging or abstract concepts, and spark curiosity to finish the year strong!  

    Supplemental Kits and Modules by Lab-Aids