Blue background and text Back to school - inclusive community - student group interactionGroup work helps students build skills and is critical in helping a student-driven program succeed. However, group work can be challenging to manage. Lack of accountability of individuals within a group, off-task conversations, and students who try to dominate the discussion are just some of the problems that occur during group interactions. Our 4–2–1 cooperative approach to learning offers a structure that helps teachers reduce some of these problems. Some strategies for facilitating group interaction are described in the downloadable pages below. 

Download Student Sheets and Teacher Resource pages

Topics in the download include: 

  • Varying 4-2-1 groups
  • Teaching Group Interaction Skills
    • Group Interaction Student Sheet: Developing Communication Skills
    • Group Interaction Student Sheet: Evaluating Group Interaction
  • Appointing Group Facilitators
  • Using Teacher Discussion Starters
  • Fostering conversation through
    • Eliciting Questions
    • Probing Questions
    • Challenge Questions
  • Addressing problems as they arise
  • Group Interaction Scoring Guide

two column chart suggesting alternative phrases for communicating an idea

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