After all the stress of state testing, a new pressure often awaits teachers: trying to keep the remaining instructional days meaningfully engaging for their students. Many of us at Lab-Aids are former teachers so know what it’s like to scrounge for lab materials and to keep student learning purposeful after the big exams are done. We can help. Lab-Aids offers over two hundred unique kits and modules that provide teachers with everything needed for thoughtful, hands-on activities to approach difficult concepts. 

Lab-Aids Middle School Supplemental Kits  

Hands-On Investigations | Available Grades K-12 

Lab-Aids offers two types of supplemental activities: 

  • Kits completed in 1-3 days 

  • Modules completed in 8-30 days 

These supplemental science kits can be used to reinforce concepts learned during the school year or to introduce new topics in a fun and engaging way. Here are some ways that Lab-Aids science kits can be helpful after state testing is finished: 

  • Engage Students in Hands-On Learning: Instead of just reading about science, students using Lab-Aids science kits are doing science. Students work in groups of 4 or pairs of 2 to complete activities such as modeling stream erosion or tracking the source of a disease transmission.  

  • Introduce New Topics: Lab-Aids kits and modules offer over two hundred kits that can be used to supplement the curriculum and introduce new scientific concepts. For example, teachers can introduce topics related to chemistry or genetics, through activities that include food analysis and DNA fingerprinting. 

  • Reinforce Concepts: This type of hands-on learning can be particularly effective for students who struggle with traditional classroom instruction. For example, elementary teachers might use the Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst to challenge their students to build a machine that draws curvy lines, or to build a creature with spinning arms. These engaging challenges encourage students to follow their curiosity to design, test, tinker and invent. 

  • Foster Inquiry-Based Learning: Lab-Aids science kits encourage students to ask questions, investigate, and discover. This type of pedagogy empowers students to take ownership of their learning and explore topics that interest them. All kits include a teacher’s guide, student sheets with procedures and formative assessments, Safety Data Sheets, and all required equipment shipped in a single, highly-organized box. 

  • Provide a Fun and Engaging Learning Experience: Perhaps most importantly, Lab-Aids science kits and modules are perfect for educators looking to bring life to a single concept or to fill in gaps where their core curriculum misses the mark, all while providing students with a positive learning experience that reminds them of the joy of learning. Lab-Aids science kits can provide just that, with hands-on experiments and activities that make science come alive. 

Easily fill instructional gaps, reinforce challenging or abstract concepts, and spark curiosity with these engaging activities from Lab-Aids.  

Supplemental Kits and Modules by Lab-Aids