four open drawers showing organized equipment for SGI

A research-based, peer-reviewed article describes the redesign and field testing of Science and Global Issues: Biology authored by SEPUP, a Lab-Aids partner. SEPUP, an acronym for Science Education for Public Understanding Program, is a highly regarded educational development group based out of the Lawrence Hall of Science at University of California, Berkeley.

Science and Global Issues: Biology (SGI: Biology) is a student-facing program that fills a gap in standards-based, sustainability-themed high school biology curricula. The program's framework allows students to develop a deep understanding of scientific concepts while addressing current and critical socioscientific issues. The research concluded that sustainability provides a robust framework for allowing students to learn and apply biological concepts to real-world issues.

five, 3-ring binders with cover images for each of the units in Science and Global Issues: Biology, published by Lab-Aids

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