A bulk update allows admins to change class associations of students/teachers in bulk using a csv/xls template. Bulk update will clear the current class associations and replace them with the new class associations.

Helpful Hints:

  • If you only have a few teachers to update, you can just manually update each teacher instead of bulk updating teachers (Roster > Teacher > "Edit" button > Select new class titles).
  • Student and teacher bulk update processes are the same, except each is located within its own menu (Roster > Teacher vs. Roster > Student). 


Steps to complete bulk update:

1) Roster the new class titles into the portal. 

  • Manual Entry: Roster > Class > Add Class
  • Bulk Class Upload: Roster > Class > Bulk Upload

Roster > Class > Add Class, or Roster > Class > Bulk Upload



2) Download the Bulk Update template.

  • For student bulk update, go to Roster > Student > Bulk Update.
  • For teacher bulk update, go to Roster > Teacher > Bulk Update. 
  • Click "Bulk Update" to download the template to complete the bulk update.
  • Read the instructions below the template download button, as these will help you have a successful upload. 
  • Leave "Grade" and "User Language" columns blank.

Roster > Student > Bulk Update

Roster > Student > Bulk Update > Next Screen with template download and instructions


3) Fill out the template with your students or teachers, making sure to follow the instructions on the screen. Save. 

  • Important: If users need to be associated with more than one class, you must enter users in a separate row for each additional class. This is different than your initial bulk upload document (comma separated classes). 
  • Leave the "Grade Name" and "User Language" columns blank. 
  • Do not delete column titles. 

Sample bulk student upload document


4) Upload "bulk update" document after clicking on "browse" to select the file. 

  • Check your email for a status email from noreply@lab-aids.com. This email will inform you of the success of the upload and will provide detail on any errors. 

Click "Browse" to select your file, then click "Upload".


5) Check data for accuracy. 

  • Roster > Class, Click on class names to view list of students associated with each class.
  • Or Roster > Student / Roster > Teacher, check class titles of the users updated.


Questions? Email portals@lab-aids.com