Join Bill Gipperich of Lab-Aids at the Colorado Science Conference this November in Castle Rock, CO. 

Make sure to mark your calendars to attend our workshop and stop by the table to talk with Bill.


Not Your Usual Elementary STEM Workshop: Make a Ride For One of Your Toys
From Tinkering Labs, Presented by Lab-Aids for K-5

This hands-on workshop challenges participants to make a vehicle to move a toy or other small object using motors, wheels, wires, and other equipment. This activity is one of 10 engineering design challenges in the Electric Motors Catalyst, a STEM curriculum for grades K-5 that comes complete with equipment, lesson plans, assessments, embedded support for ELA, and is NGSS focused. The program is distributed by Lab-Aids. Lesson samples and literature will be distributed.


BODY SYSTEMS: Modeling Gas Exchange
From Middle School Issues and Science, Redesigned for the NGSS

Students conduct an investigation to identify the presence of carbon dioxide in samples of their own exhaled breath. The function of the respiratory system in excreting carbon dioxide waste is highlighted. This activity is building towards an understanding of human body systems and to the interacting roles of these systems in providing nutrients and oxygen and removing carbon dioxide wastes from the cells throughout the body. Take home a sample activity to share with your classroom.

BIOLOGY: Exploring the Evolutionary Connection Between Cystic Fibrosis and Tuberculosis
From the High School Science and Global Issues Biology: Redesigned for the NGSS, Evolution Unit

Use a computer simulation to analyze and interpret mathematical data that explores the evolutionary connection between cystic fibrosis (a genetic disease) and tuberculosis (an infectious disease) and evaluate mathematical representation. Takeaways: 1. Learn about the cause-and-effect relationship between being a CF carrier and experiencing less severe TB symptoms; 2. Explore the mathematical effects of changing environmental variables (prevalence of TB and access to high quality health care) on the frequency of the CF mutation; and 3. Make predictions about the future frequency of the CF mutation based on advances in treatment of CF.

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