We are excited to present at the 2021 Colorado Science Conference this year. The event will be virtual and Lab-Aids very own Bill Gipperich will be in attendance to answer any of your questions about our middle and high school curricula and professional development. 

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Using Climate Proxies to Learn About Earth's History

Presenter: Bill Gipperich, Lab-Aids and former Science Teacher
Date/Time: TBD

Students investigate how scientists study Earth's climate history by examining records of past climates stored in tree rings, coral, rock vs sediment, and ice as well as more recent human records of weather data. This activity uses representations of fossil foraminifera which grow differently in warm vs cold water. They plot different growth patterns in an effort to determine the global temperature at different periods in Earth's history.
From the High School EDC Earth Science program, published by Lab-Aids.

Analyzing & Interpreting Data Using Mathematics
Constructing Explanations
Engaging in Argument from Evidence
Patterns, Stability and Change

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