Join John Garrett of Lab-Aids at the 2021 FAST Conference: Navigating through Science! this October 21-23. 

While in St. Augustine you can check out the Narrowest Street in the US — Treasury Street is just 7 feet wide! The street connects the Royal Spanish Treasury to the area where the ships dock on the bay and it was deliberately made to be narrow, so that thieves would find it difficult to remove and escape with chests of gold from the treasury. 

Make sure to attend our Hands-On Workshop:

Modeling Genetic Traits and Variations 

Middle School Issues and Science: Reproduction | Designed for the NGSS
Presented by: Diane Accardi, Teacher at Farnell Middle School | Hillsborough County Schools
Date/Time: TBA - check back soon

Participants model and explain additional patterns of inheritance as they explore cause-and-effect relationships for additional traits of the critters. These patterns help them model and explain the wide variation that can result from sexual reproduction. The activity provides an opportunity to assess student work related to MS-LS3-2.

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