Join Lab-Aids at the Michigan Science Teachers Association Conference on February 29th in Lansing, Michigan!

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Making Meaningful Models - How Even 2D Models Can Be 3D in Practice
From Issues and Science: Redesigned for the NGSS
Date: 3/1 | Time: 4:00-5:00p  |  Location: Banquet 6

Students need to develop and use models as part of the NGSS, not just watch teachers use them. In this session, participants will build a foodweb to model an ecosystem and the impacts of an introduced species on the ecosystem. We will discuss how our 2D models represent a dynamic system and cover strategies to be used with students to strengthen their skills with this practice overall to improve their sensemaking and use of models with different phenomena regardless of the content.


Beyond the Slinky - Waves Phenomena with an Evidence Based Assessment
From Issues and Science: Redesigned for the NGSS
Date: 3/2 | Time: 1:00-2:00p  |  Location: Banquet 6

Looking for more memorable phenomena for waves? Need formative assessments that use real world applications? We will compare colors on the electromagnetic spectrum using a PhosphoBox from Lab-Aids and interpret data from light transmission graphs for students to make an evidence based decision on which pair of sunglasses they would buy. A writing frame, assessment rubric, and other lesson tools will be provided.

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