Join Lab-Aids at the National Association of Biology Teachers Conference this November in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Sustaining the Commons
From Science and Global Issues: Biology
Time: 9:00-10:15a  |  Date: 11/4 | Location: Room Essex A

How common resources are used by individuals is a critical part of global sustainability. Setting parameters for common resource use can be a critical tool in sustainably managing a group’s resources. In this interactive workshop from the new Science and Global Issues: Biology program from SEPUP, you will engage with a model of how human choices affect the sustainability of a particular resource—the fish population of a fictitious lake—and the potential effects of different actions on individuals, the greater community, and the resource itself.


Patterns in Species Diversity
From Science and Global Issues: Biology
Time: 11:15-12:30  |  Date: 11/4 | Location: Essex A

Look for patterns in species diversity in coral reef ecosystems and other animals to determine cause and effect relationships and understand how ecosystem interactions affect patterns of biological diversity.

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