Join Lab-Aids at the North Carolina Science Teacher Association Annual Conference this November in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes- Traveling the Water Cycle
From Middle School Issues and Science, Redesigned for the NGSS
Date: 11/2/2023  |  Time: 2:30-3:20p  |  Location: Salem A1

Students model the phenomenon of global water movement as driven by the Sun and gravity. Students construct an explanation on the water cycle and the cycling of matter. They consider how the plant's systems interact over various time and spacial scales. They use the crosscutting concept of scale, proportion, and quantity to discuss how water movement can be studied using a model of a system too large to observe all at once. Then students read about human impacts on Earth's water. Learn how to engage students in an interactive activity while embedding literacy and sensemaking into your science class.


Extinction and the Environment
From Science and Global Issues: Biology
Date: 11/2/2023  |  Time: 3:30-4:20p  |  Location: Salem A1

Students investigate changes in life-forms over time, including the evolution of new forms (speciation) and disappearance of previous forms (extinction). They look for patterns and consider possible causes of major extinction events due to massive changes in the environment.

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