Lab-Aids is excited to participate live and in-person at the New Jersey Science Convention 2021. Join us October 19 - 20 at the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal for hands-on workshops from Lab-Aids and at our Booth.

Attend our Hands-On Workshops:


Atmosphere, Climate & Global Warming

Presenter: Stephanie Brunnett | Lab-Aids
Date: Tuesday, October 19,2021
Time: 12:30p - 1:30p
Room: Bainbridge Room

Students look at historical data spanning the past 100 years to try to understand the causes of current global warming. They ask questions related to the data to figure out what the evidence indicates and to better understand how human activities relate to global warming. This activity provides an opportunity to assess MS-ESS 2-6 and MS-ESS3-5. Middle School


Using Climate Proxies to Learn About Earth's Climate History

Presenter: Stephanie Brunnett | Lab-Aids
Date: Wednesday, October 20,2021
Time: 8:30a - 9:30a
Room: Maclean Room

How can scientists tell what Earth’s climate was like thousands of years before human measurements? This activity simulates the use of fossil ocean foraminifera, tiny organisms whose growth patterns are different in warm or cold water. Your students will analyze and graph samples of replicas of these organisms, and use this information to determine relative warm and cold periods in the past 200,000 years. This activity is from EDC Earth Science, a NSF-supported high school earth science program from Lab-Aids that uses an active, data-oriented approach to the student of earth science and earth systems.  High School


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