Before it was renamed to San Francisco, this small city by the bay was called Yerba Buena. Another fun fact about San Francisco is the color of the Golden Gate Bridge, it's called International Orange. It was the primer color used to protect the steel for the bridge during transit and the architect loved it and selected it as the official color.

We are so excited to attend the NSTA STEM Forum in San Francisco this summer. 

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THURSDAY July 25, 2019

NGSS Land, Water and Human Interactions: Designing Ocean Breakwaters
Toby Chou, The Waverly School, Pasadena, CA
9:30 am - 10:30 am Use new tools to model the effect of ocean waves on a cliff as you design and test breakwater structures to prevent beach erosion. Strong support for middle level NGSS engineering practices provided. Supports Developing a Model, Designing Solutions, Engaging in Argument from Evidence, and CCSS ELA. From the SEPUP Middle school Land, Water, and Human Interactions unit— designed for NGSS.   Student Pages | Teacher Pages

NGSS Energy: Exploring Energy Efficiency
Toby Chou, The Waverly School, Pasadena, CA
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Students apply their understanding of the concepts of energy transfer and transformation to compare the efficiencies of two different types of light bulbs. They do so by measuring the amount of thermal energy produced by the two bulbs, applying the law of conservation of energy, and calculating how much of the electrical energy supplied was converted into light energy.    Student Pages | Teacher Pages


FRIDAY July 26, 2019

NGSS Chemical Reactions: Designing Better Chemical Batteries
Toby Chou, The Waverly School, Pasadena, CA
9:30 am - 10:30 am Students investigate how chemical energy can be transformed via a chemical process into electrical energy. After building a prototype wet cell, students brainstorm improvements and build, test, and evaluate new prototypes to meet a set of predetermined criteria within specified constraints.   Student Pages | Teacher Pages

NGSS Waves: Make an Abstract Concept Become Visible!
Toby Chou, The Waverly School, Pasadena, CA
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Anchored in the context of health issues around various types and levels of wave exposure, explore light properties by investigating colors of the visible spectrum and their energy levels using phosphorescent material. Collect evidence that indicates that different colors of light carry different amounts of energy, and apply that knowledge for three different sunglass lenses to determine which sunglass lens (structure) provides the best protection (function) of
the eyes.   Student Pages | Teacher Pages

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