Join Lab-Aids at the Oklahoma Science Teachers Association Conference this June in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Make sure to mark your calendars to attend our workshops and stop by our booth to talk us.

We will be hosting the following workshops:


Evolution: Investigating Embryology
From Issues and Science Third Edition Revised
Time: 10:00a |  Location: Room 120

Students analyze and interpret skeletal and embryological images to identify patterns of similarities and differences across species that look very different as mature animals. Students identify patterns of similarities throughout developmental time to infer evolutionary relationships not obvious in the mature animals. This activity provides an opportunity to assess student work related to MS-LS4-3.


Looking for Patterns in Species Diversity
From Science and Global Issues: Biology
Time: 11:00a |  Location: Room 120

Look for patterns in species diversity in coral reef ecosystems and other animals to determine cause and effect relationships and understand how ecosystem interactions affect patterns of biological diversity.


Evolution: The Full Course: Modeling Antibiotic Resistance
From Issues and Science Third Edition Revised
Time: 1:10p |  Location: Room 120

Students use a model to explore the cause-and-effect relationship between inappropriate use of antibiotics and the phenomenon of the evolution of antibiotic resistance. As they use the model, students use mathematical representations to support their analysis of patterns and trends in the results and to develop explanations for how and why the population of bacteria is changing.

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