Join Lab-Aids at the Science Council Education Council of Ohio (SECO) Conference this January in Lewis Center, Ohio.  

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Chemical Reactions: Which way is best? Recovering copper from waste solutions. 
From Middle School Issues and Science, Redesigned for the NGSS
Date: TBD  |  Time: TBD  |  Location: TBD

Students investigate the use of reactions with three metals for reducing copper waste and reclaiming copper from a copper etching solution.  Students use data from their investigation and text sources to develop an evidence- based argument for which metal is the best choice for recovering copper from the waste solution.



Prospecting for Mineral Ore 
From EDC: Earth Science
Date: TBD  |  Time: TBD  |  Location: TBD

How do geologists look for mineral ore? In this activity from Lab-Aids Earth Science, participants search for a layer of rock that contains a valuable mineral by testing sediments collected in strategic spots along river systems gathering data to decide where the deposit is located. This is no ‘cookie mining’ activity!

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