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Looking for Patterns in the History of Extinction
From Science and Global Issues: Biology
Date: 11/2 | Time: 3:00-4:00p |  Location: Oncenter Meeting Rooms 9 & 10

99% of all life that has ever existed on Earth is extinct - why? In this lesson, we will investigate changes in life-forms over time, including the evolution of new forms (speciation) and disappearance of previous forms (extinction). Using cards with images and data, participants will will look for patterns and consider possible causes of major extinction events due to massive changes in the environment. This activity is a great way to develop the crosscutting concept of patterns with your students as well as practicing student discourse. Strategies for supporting discourse and differentiation will also be provided and participants get to keep a set of cards to use with their students. This activity is great for both high school biology and middle school life science teachers.


Beyond Bones: Finding Evolutionary Clues Using Comparative Embryology In MS
From Issues and Science
Date: 11/3 | Time: 10:45-11:45a  |  Location: Keuka Room (Marriott)

Experience a sample lesson where students analyze and interpret skeletal and embryological images to identify patterns of similarities and differences across species that look very different as mature animals. Students identify patterns of similarities throughout developmental time to infer evolutionary relationships not obvious in the mature animals.


Rainbow Elements: Spectroscopy in Space for High School Chemistry
From A Natural Approach to Chemistry
Date: 11/3 | Time: 3:00-4:15p |  Location: Oncenter Meeting Rooms 9 & 10

Elements can be identified using spectroscopy, and therefore the composition and ages of objects in our solar system comprised of these elements can also be determined using this technology. This lesson makes that approachable for HS chemistry students.



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