Join Jon Divito and Stephanie Brunnett of Lab-Aids at the STANYS Annual Conference. in Rochester, NY this November. Jon and Stephanie will be available to answer any of your questions about our middle and high school curricula, professional development and kits.

Fun Facts about Rochester: Birthplace of the calculator, granola cereal, Graham Crackers, and voting machines. The geography of Rochester was formed by sliding ice sheets, which stopped at the southern border thus creating a line of hills.

Make sure to join us for our Hands-On Workshops:


Breeding Critters: Modeling Patterns of Inheritance 

Presenter: Stephanie Brunnett, Lab-Aids
Date: Saturday, November 6
Time: 11:00a - 12:00p
Room: Highland C (in the Convention Center)

Participants model and explain additional patterns of inheritance as they explore cause-and-effect relationships for additional traits of the critters. These patterns help them model and explain the wide variation that can result from sexual reproduction. The activity provides an opportunity to assess student work related to MS-LS3-2.
Middle School Issues and Science: Reproduction | Designed for the NGSS

Using Climate Proxies to Learn About Earth's Climate History

Presenter: Stephanie Brunnett, Lab-Aids
Date: Saturday, November 6
Time: 1:45p - 2:45p
Room: Highland H (in the Convention Center)

How can scientists tell what Earth’s climate was like thousands of years before human measurements? This activity simulates the use of fossil ocean foraminifera, tiny organisms whose growth patterns are different in warm or cold water. Your students will analyze and graph samples of replicas of these organisms, and use this information to determine relative warm and cold periods in the past 200,000 years. This activity is from EDC Earth Science, a NSF-supported high school earth science program from Lab-Aids that uses an active, data-oriented approach to the student of earth science and earth systems.  High School Earth Science


The Full Course: Modeling Antibiotic Resistance

Presenter: Stephanie Brunnett, Lab-Aids
Date: Sunday, November 7
Time: 9:30a - 10:30a
Room: Highland K (in the Convention Center)

Participants use a model to explore the cause-and-effect relationship between inappropriate use of antibiotics and the phenomenon of the evolution of antibiotic resistance. As they use the model, participants use mathematical representations to support their analysis of patterns and trends in the results and to develop explanations for how and why the population of bacterial is changing.
Middle School  Issues and Science: Evolution | Designed for the NGSS

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