A complete learning system

Each program component references the others to form a cohesive learning system for teachers and students. 

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The SEPUP programs require students to interact with scientific content multiple times through varied learning experiences including investigations, laboratories, readings, and simulations. Science practices are embedded into the curriculum and regular part of the weekly programing.

SEPUP centralizes each unit on a socio-science issue to create a unit storyline. This allows the exploration of phenomena, the content standards, and the science practices to be connected, relevant, and meaningful. 

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Get Started | A Reviewer's Guide

This three minute overview video is a quick guide for how to best navigate around the sample materials linked in the IM7 documents. It is intended for reviewers of the SEPUP curriculum, published by Lab-Aids.

M/J Earth Science Course #2001010

Big issue questions guide students through each unit of Issues and Earth Science as they explore key concepts such as plate tectonics, erosion and deposition, and the mechanisms behind weather and climate.

Sample Access to Student and Teacher Books
Username: SEPUPearth
Password: Florida

M/J Life Science Course #2000010

Relevant issues, such as health risks, genetic testing, and the impact of introduced species, provide a foundation and context for learning in each unit of Issues and Life Science

Sample Access to Student and Teacher Books
Username: SEPUPlife
Password: Florida

M/J Physical Science Course #2003010

Students explore issues embedded in Issues and Physical Science, and develop an understanding of how science and technology work together in order to make personal and community decisions.

Sample Access to Student and Teacher Books
Username: SEPUPphysical
Password: Florida

Embedded Program Features


Integrated into the programs the SEPUP assessment system sets up ways to collect evidence on student learning and improve performance. 

Supporting all learners

An intentionally flexible approach to all program activity types help accomplish our goal that all students achieve scientific literacy. 


Embedded strategies help teachers explore students' thinking and give students multiple opportunities to confront their preconceptions.

Professional Development

Build sustainability through PD

Science educators have come to trust Lab-Aids as a valuable resource for engaging and worth-while professional development - whether it's an on-site implementation training, a summer academy to build instructional leadership, or a day focused on new standards or best-practice strategies.


Using a model successful nation-wide, we will create an intentional plan to build internal leadership and long-term sustainability of the program. This professional development will additionally support a deepened understanding of the NGSSS and how they strive to serve all students. 


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