Once Clever integration setup is complete by Lab-Aids, Clever districts will sync automatically overnight. In cases where data is being shared in Clever but hasn't synced to the Lab-Aids Portal, district admins have the ability to manually complete a Clever sync. The recommended option is the "Edit" option, since it resolves most data issues and doesn't delete school/teacher data. "Reset" will delete any data not currently being shared with us in Clever and should be used with extreme caution. 

    About "Edit" Sync:
    • "Edit" is the recommended option for completing a manual sync because it typically syncs any missing teacher/student data without deleting any school/teacher data. 
    • This is similar to the nightly automatic sync.
    • This option will sync/update data currently being shared with us in Clever. 
    • "Edit" will not delete any school/teacher data, even if it isn't currently being shared with us from Clever. 
    • "Edit" will not update user roles. Contact Lab-Aids if any user roles need to be changed. 
    How District Admins can manually complete a Clever sync via the "Edit" option:

    1. Navigate to the Settings > Clever Sync V2 menu and click the "Edit" option. Proceed through the screens and click "Start Sync".

    • You do not need to make any changes in these screens in order to complete a manual sync. But, the options exist to select new schools, enter/update a sync expiration date, and subscribe to sync emails.
    • The sync typically takes an hour or two to complete, depending on the amount of data being synced. The sync will initially show "In Progress". Refresh the screen after an hour or two to see the status has changed to "Launched". 

    Log in as district admin and click Settings > Clever Sync V2 > Edit

    Click through the screens and click "Start Sync".

    • Selecting new schools will sync any new schools not previously selected.
    • Deselecting schools in this screen will stop those schools from syncing from Clever, but it will not delete them from the portal. If you want to delete extraneous school data, please contact Lab-Aids

    2. Once the sync has completed, check the Roster > Class/Teacher/Student menus to check for the data that was previously missing.  

    Check the Roster menus to confirm whether the missing data synced

    3. For new teachers: District admin will need to assign licenses to new teachers, since teachers don't automatically receive licenses. 

    4. For new students: Teachers will need to assign books to new students since new students don't automatically receive content previously assigned to a class. 


    About "Reset" sync:
    • "Reset" is not recommended for most scenarios, since it can delete data. It should be used with caution and perhaps only reserved for summer or in between semesters. 
    • "Reset" will perform a sync based off what is currently being shared with us in Clever. It will also delete all data not currently being shared with Lab-Aids in Clever, including schools and teachers. 
    • "Reset" can be useful in cases where perhaps too much/unnecessary data was initially synced, since it will delete any data not currently being shared with Lab-Aids in Clever. 
    • Please feel free to contact Lab-Aids if interested in this option. 

    Click Settings > Clever Sync V2 > Reset. Take caution when using this option and perhaps only use this option over the summer.