Occasionally customers encounter a "frozen" screen after clicking on a book in Google Chrome. Customers can navigate through the portal successfully, but after clicking on a book, the page is "frozen" and they cannot click on anything to navigate to a different page. Here are our recommended troubleshooting steps for resolving this "frozen" screen:

Immediate Solution:

An immediate solution is to instead use either A) a different browser or B) an incognito window in Chrome. You should be able to access your books successfully immediately with either of these options. 

Long-term solution:

This issue is caused by certain Chrome extensions. Therefore, we recommend disabling all Chrome extensions and accessing your book again. If disabling all extensions resolves the problem and allows you to access books successfully, then we recommend re-enabling the extensions one by one and accessing your books after enabling each one to determine which extension is causing the problem. 

  1. Navigate out of the book and back to your portal library.
  2. Disable Chrome extensions: Paste this link into your browser: chrome://extensions/ and deactivate all extensions manually by sliding the bottom right toggle off/left for each extension.
  3. Screenshot showing the above instructions for disabling Chrome extensions.
  4. Then, click on a book again in the portal. 
  5. If the frozen screen no longer happens after disabling extensions, the next step is to determine which extension is causing the issue by re-enabling extensions one at a time and testing accessing books after enabling each extension. 
  6. Either deactivate or delete the extension that is causing the issue. 
  7. Please let us know if you determine which extension is causing the problem. 


Known extensions that may cause issues:
  • Ginger - Grammar and Spelling Checker 
  • Honorlock 
  • Sphere Lite