A Natural Approach to Chemistry gives students the opportunity to do chemistry, not just read about it. In this high school program students learn the science to understand how chemistry is relevant to their lives.


Chemistry taught as it was meant to be taught. This program puts the relevance of understanding chemistry front and center through its spiraling, integrated, and coordinated learning system. Essential chemistry content is explored through labs, activities, and readings in a context that is topical, meaningful, and accessible for high school students. Hands-on labs and activities are integrated within a more classic textbook framework as students use specially designed probe-ware and other unique equipment to gather, analyze, and model data.

NAC Scope and Sequence

CHAPTERS 1-4: FUNDAMENTALS  (4-5 week unit)

The introductory chapters present a comprehensive overview of the main ideas in chemistry such as the atomic nature of matter, systems, temperature and energy. The design of Part 1 is to see the “big picture” before digging down to understand the details.

Chapter 1: The Science of Chemistry
Chapter 2: Matter and Atoms

Chapter 3: Temperature,Energy and Heat
Chapter 4: Physical and Chemical Change


CHAPTERS 5-14: CORE CONCEPTS  (20-24 week unit)

These chapters present in-depth coverage of all major topic areas. They develop a usable understanding of the big ideas laid out in the first four chapters. The treatment includes strong conceptual development as well as algebra-based quantitative problem solving.

Chapter 5: The Structure of the Atom
Chapter 6: Elements and the Periodic Table
Chapter 7: Bonding
Chapter 8: Compounds and Molecules
Chapter 9: Water and Solutions
Chapter 10: Chemical Reactions
Chapter 11: Stolchlometry
Chapter 12: Reaction Rates and Equilibrium
Chapter 13: Acids and Bases
Chapter 14: Gases


CHAPTERS 15-21: APPLICATIONS  (4-8 week unit)

The final seven chapters provide extension and deeper exploration of significant areas of interest in chemistry.

Chapter 15: Electrochemistry
Chapter 16: Solids and Liquids
Chapter 17: Organic Chemistry
Chapter 18: The Chemistry of Living Systems
Chapter 19: The Chemistry of Earth
Chapter 20: Nuclear Chemistry and Radioactivity
Chapter 21: The Chemistry of the Solar System

Lab-Master Safety Package


The Lab-Master is an innovative, easy-to-use, probeware system consisting of an integrated  RGB spectrophotometer, temperature probe, and voltage probe. Instead of an open flame the Lab-Master system uses a safe, electric control-point heater to heat solutions in test tubes.

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