Note: Before attempting to direct students to a specific page, please be sure your students can already log in and access content successfully. This means students must have already a) clicked on the Lab-Aids tool and b) added the student access code to their account. 

If your school/district is already setup with a LTI integration, teachers have the ability to direct students to a specific page in a specific document--this feature is optional. Typically with a LTI integration, students and teachers access the same url (via the LTI external tool setup in their LMS). This brings users to their account dashboard, where they can access all of the books they have access to. In some cases, teachers may wish to direct students to a particular page for a reading, analysis questions, etc.

Please follow these steps to add a new LTI external tool and direct students to a specific page in a specific book:

1. Navigate to the page in the Student Book that you want to direct students to.

  • Do not follow this process for any teacher-only materials, since this will give students access to these documents!
  • It may help to switch to one-page view before clicking on this icon to ensure you are linking the correct page.  

2. In the top-right corner, click the icon that will generate a URL for LTI connections.








3. Copy the URL generated from the pop-up window shown to you.







4. Create a new, separate LTI external tool that students can access. Use the URL (copied from the previous step) when creating the new LTI external tool.

5. Label the new LTI external tool appropriately and share it with students.

Note: Due to the variety of LMS's on the market and the variety of ways that admins and teachers can create LTI external tools, we recommend that you follow the same process used previously to create each new LTI external tool. The common advice for users is to create a new LTI external tool, but instead of the URL first given to users (, use the new URL generated from step 3 above.