Ohio Valley

Science for today’s students is critical for what they will encounter now and later in the future.

Bill is a retired 6th-grade teacher after 33 years in the classroom in Indiana. He has taught the SEPUP middle school programs for the last 15 years of his career. In addition, Bill has been a SEPUP training consultant for the past 12 years before becoming the Ohio Valley Science Curriculum Specialist. He strongly believes he wears two hats, one being someone who recently was in the trenches as an educator and the other a person who wants to help other educators make their science curriculum the best it can be—not only for the students but for their teachers as well. 

Bill has seen the powerful change in students thinking about science, it is not the boring perception that many thought. The curriculum allows for students to learn with a hands-on, inquiry-based approach. He has witnessed every year since using issue-based science curricula, students transforming their ideas about science which leads to better understanding.

Bill’s main goal is to help you with any of your curricular needs.