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I think one of the greatest things we can do in life is help kids learn to trust their own talents and abilities. Fostering that belief by providing meaningful challenges and supporting their efforts as they accomplish great things is our legacy.

Bill is a 8th grade science teacher from Edmond, Oklahoma. He is a true believer in the Lab-Aids and SEPUP Middle School Programs and has taught almost every unit with his own students over the last ten years. 

Bill believes in issue-based science, where students actively lead a series of investigations to address complex issues. He finds this approach empowering to his students and gratifying to him as their teacher. The confidence students gain as they embrace the role of student-scientist is what he loves about teaching. 

He loves that the well designed and equipped labs and activities allow his focus to be on the students themselves, not on troubleshooting the lesson or equipment. Most of all, Bill embraces his dual role as a teacher and consultant because interacting with other teachers and teacher leaders across the region has given him exciting new ideas to bring back to his own classroom.  ​


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