High School Product Manager

Carpe diem.

Din was not always a product manager for Lab-Aids® high school programs and Applied Science Kits and Modules. Many years ago he was a geology student at Amherst College and UC Santa Barbara, an exploration geologist in Colorado and Southern California, and an environmental geologist in Northern California. While doing these earlier jobs, he most enjoyed being outdoors and the opportunities for teaching and learning. Not unsurprisingly, this led to him becoming an Oakland Public Schools science teacher.

His passion for excellence in teaching and learning got him involved with a multi-year joint UC Berkeley and Educational Testing Service curriculum development project. With that in his background, in the late-1990s he joined SEPUP as a full-time curriculum developer. In the mid-2000s, when he moved to Vermont, he became the in-house product developer for Lab-Aids®. Product development remains his favorite part of the job.