Director of Publications

Students need to be doing and experiencing science on a daily basis, not only passively when it’s convenient.

Hethyr started using Lab-Aids® in the classroom as a 7th grade science teacher in 2003 and fell in love with SEPUP’s design, philosophy, and the way it engaged her students.  Shortly after, she became a district trainer on the program, trained teachers nationally, and then oversaw the development of a group of 25 Chicago trainers.  In an effort to grow the program and spread her enthusiasm with other teachers she became an Instructional Science Coach at Loyola University, Chicago for 8 years while also earning her M.Ed. in Science Education.  Through this position she worked with select SEPUP users in Chicago, helping them with all aspects of implementation in the classroom.  Her work as a Coach shifted after the release of the NGSS and began to also include helping K-12 teachers and administrators transition to the NGSS by designing and leading PD and coaching sessions around the implementation of these new standards. 

In March of 2015, Hethyr came on board with Lab-Aids as a Middle School Product Manager and could not have been more thrilled.  She now has firsthand experience with the products she taught with and trained with and is able to share her passion and ideas with other trainers and teachers in the field.  She works hard at making sure the Lab-Aids experience is as enjoyable for teachers and students using our programs as it was for her – if not better.  The teacher and student portals are two areas she really enjoys working on and making better on a regular basis.

Hethyr Tregerman