8th Grade Science Teacher
Baker Middle School, Michigan

When we first looked at the NGSS, our district was really great about giving our science department time to come up with units that were NGSS aligned. Doing so, however, took us a long time and it took us away from our classrooms. While our work was impressive, we found that SEPUP did a very thoughtful, and extensive job in making sure EACH unit in Issues in Science is three-dimensional and meets the PEs. Standards are listed before each activity and it is such a great feeling knowing that what are you teaching is exactly what you should be focusing on and it's all designed for you! Every educator has activities, lessons, or supplemental information they can provide their students in addition to the activities. I love this because it still allows me to insert my own personality and interests to a unit or activity that I have prior experience teaching. We all have our "favorite" units and Issues and Science encourages teachers to be themselves, so adding activities or lessons you have taught in the past, when appropriate, just makes our students see how passionate we are about their learning.