Anything worth doing; is worth doing right. 
- Hunter S. Thompson 

Jonathan Atkins has a diverse background of executive experience and an intimate knowledge of how existing and emerging methodologies provide strategic value in an increasingly competitive business environment.  Applying that knowledge and experience over a span of 18 years has allowed him to streamline operations and create efficiencies translating to better production and superior service. Mr. Atkins has had experience in almost all facets of an organization across many industries; he has established multiple firms, managed change for others, and led teams of various functional importance.  He currently manages a portfolio of enterprises that are as diverse as his experience.

He graduated summa cum laude from Campbell University with an M.B.A in Strategic Management and has done post-graduate work in financial forensics.  Mr. Atkins also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, with a minor in Environmental Leadership, from Virginia Military Institute.

Mr. Atkins serves on the New Cadet Recruiting Committee of the Virginia Military Institute Alumni Association. He is active in the Chamber of Commerce and coaches youth soccer in his local community. He also served in the 29th Infantry Division, US Army National Guard.  He has published Encyclopedia entries in both Military Reconnaissance and the Korean War. Mr. Atkins has two children and a wife of ten years whom he adores.