University of Connecticut

Professor John Settlage and colleagues at the University of Connecticut have been studying science achievement in grades 5 and 8 with funding from the National Science Foundation (Grant #1119349). The data he uses includes annual statewide science test results along with student demographics. This allows comparisons of schools after taking account of enrollments of students typically underrepresented in STEM fields (i.e., students of color, English as a second language, low income). In 2008, Stamford 8th graders were performing slightly above the state average. Since then, performance has gradually increased such that Stamford school are now performing above the 70th percentile ... compared to ALL Connecticut schools. Over the same timeframe, SEPUP and GE Foundation support was being used to improve Stamford’s science programming. The exact cause of the elevated science test scores are not definitive but there is a strong suggestion that the improvements had to do with the curriculum, the professional development, and the associated school-wide alignment to science instruction.