Sales Operations Manager

Science needs to be accessible and relevant to all students – not just the ones who eventually pursue a career in it.

Stephanie channeled a childhood passion for all things science into an undergraduate degree in wildlife biology from UMass Amherst. After working as an editor and writer of middle school life science texts for a national publishing company, Stephanie decided to put her ideas into practice in the classroom. For the next seven years, she worked as a 7th and 8th grade science teacher while earning her master’s degree in urban teaching at UMass Dartmouth. While serving as chair of the K-8 science committee in her district, Stephanie led professional development for teachers and administrators and helped align scope and sequences to changing standards. During this time she continued to work as a freelance writer and editor on a variety of science programs from preschool to high school, but never found one that lived up to the needs of her students. That is, until she found Lab-Aids®.

Once Stephanie discovered the science programs from Lab-Aids®, she was surprised to see how much they aligned to what she was already trying to achieve in her classroom by herself and even more surprised to see how different they were from the other programs she had known and worked on for several years. Formerly a rep in New England, she now supports the sales team across the country. 


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