Gever Tulley, Tinkerer & Founder
Matt Brocchini, Tinkerer & CEO

Tinkering Labs, founded by education pioneer Gever Tulley, is based on 15 years of tinkering experience with thousands of kids in their San Francisco school and camps. Tinkering Labs helps kids learn how to build, solve problems, use new materials and hack old ones for new purposes.

The Electric Motors Catalyst has been recognized by Popular Mechanics and Purdue University for promoting engineering thinking and design. All of their kits come with top-quality materials, real tools, and a set of inspirational challenges that bring the power Tinkering Labs right into the classroom. Their products are made from real wood, real motors, and real hardware. All Tinkering Labs kits are invented by Tulley, designed in California, and tested with children, parents, and teachers around the world.

With Tinkering Labs, kids will learn creativity & problem solving, intuitive knowledge of STEM concepts, confidence & persistence, and - perhaps most importantly - that inventing is fun

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