The Lab-Aids Portal allows teachers (who have Classes established that link you and your students) to utilize two separate features within their account: assigning homework and assigning tests/assessments. Both can be used in different situations, and this should help you determine when it might be appropriate to use one over the other.

Assigning Homework

Creating and assigning a homework assignment to your students is rather simple. Each assignment is composed of essentially one question to which you are asking students to respond. You can create your own homework assignments or reference a task, question, or assessment from the Student Book, such as the Analysis questions in SEPUP's curricula.

You can assign multiple questions/tasks within one homework assignment if you wish (such as "complete Analysis questions 1-3 in Activity 12"). Students will have to respond to the assignment by including all of their responses to all questions within the same text field. Students can also upload a file of their responses if they wish.

Each assignment is scored out of 10 points possible. Student and Class results can be exported so the homework scores can be imported into a separate online service (such as a gradebook or student information system).

Assigning Tests

Creating tests is more involved, since each question needs to be defined (and in cases of multiple-choice questions, each answer needs to be defined too). Most Lab-Aids curricula include a pre-defined item banks that teachers can use to create their own tests. Teachers can create their own questions if they wish.

You can include as many (or as few) questions as you wish for any one test. By default, each question is worth 1 point, but partial credit for any question can be awarded. A number of question formats exist, such as true/false, matching, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and free response.

Student and Class results can be exported for each assigned test as a .xlsx file so that these data can be imported somewhere else.