Is the content on the portal always the most current version?

Yes, the Lab-Aids portal contains the most recent versions of Teacher Editions, Teacher Resources, and Student Books. The online versions of these books are automatically updated as corrections are made or as new content is added. This is also stated on the Tools and Resources page (page 1) of each Teacher's Edition. 

Page 1 of each Teacher's Edition states that the online versions are the most recently updated versions.

What content has been recently added? 

  • Issues and Science, all editions:
    • Portal Simulations were added to teacher portals in Fall 2020 for purchased units. These simulations are available for applicable units under the Student Content > Content menu. The purpose of these simulations is to provide an online option for completing the card sorts and some other activities that are typically done in class.
  • Issues and Science, Redesigned for the NGSS:
    • Remote Learning Activity Packets were added Fall 2020. These are located on page 2 of each Teacher's Edition (Page 3 for California). The purpose of Remote Learning Activity Packets is to provide a digital resource for completing an activity that could not otherwise easily be completed remotely. These packets allow the curriculum to be implemented in a virtual setting. Students complete fillable documents, click direct links to videos of hands-on experiences, manipulate interactive graphics, and work through online simulations. 
  • Issues and Science, Second Edition:
    • All Student Sheets have been modified to be in a fillable Word format for student use. The purpose of this is to make student sheets easier to use during remote learning.  

Where can I find a list of known corrections for my units? 

The Tools and Resources page (page 1) of each Teacher's Edition contains a hotspot to show known corrections, if any, for that unit. 

The bottom right of page 1 contains a hotspot showing the most recent corrections, if applicable.