The free student resources Lab-Aids® provided for select programs during Spring 2020 are no longer available. If you would like to inquire about purchasing student or teacher licenses to the Lab-Aids Portal to access our online curriculum, please contact us.


This communication is intended to provide guidance and support for schools/districts needing to develop plans for remote teaching during a closure.

1) Check out our current and soon to be released additions to our Remote Learning Supports.

  • New simulations soon to be added to the Issues and Science, Third Edition Portal
  • ReadSpeaker soon to be available on all Lab-Aids® program Portals
  • Remote Learning Activity packets - LABsent, redesigned for an exclusively digital experience

2) Ensure students and teachers have access to a Lab-Aids® portal account

  • If access codes were provided for self-registration, please reach out to teachers to ensure that they and their students all have access and can log in successfully. If you have any questions regarding your access, please see our FAQ page
  • If your account relies on a school or district Admin to roster teachers and students, please verify that all students and teachers have accounts and access to content. For more information on rostering users and assigning content, please visit this page.

3) Need further assistance?

  • During a school closure, curriculum and IT staff may not be readily available to assist teachers and students. Please direct teachers to our Portal FAQ page, which provides support for common tasks.
  • If staff need further assistance, please have them fill out our "Contact Us" form and we will address their issue as soon as possible. Please avoid sending emails directly to Lab-Aids staff, as emails are difficult to collectively monitor during this busy time.

4) Download to reduce internet strain/reliance

  • We recommend users download books on their devices to ensure users are not dependent on an internet connection to access books. With many school closures and many more being asked to work from home, this may cause strain on some internet networks. Here are instructions on how to download books.

5) Utilize built-in supports for SEPUP programs

  • LABsent packets for middle school programs, Issues and Science, Second and Third Editions and our high school biology, SGI: Biology:
    • For those with portal access using our middle school programs, LABsent packets can be used for most lessons. Teachers are advised to look through each carefully, as LABsents are designed for extended absences but customization may be necessary for your specific needs. LABsent packets can be found on page 1 of each unit book in both the Teacher and Student Portals.
  • Extension activities for middle school programs, Issues and Science, Second and Third Editions:
    • Extensions are optional activities, usually done from home, that extend the learning. These can be found throughout the units at the end of various activities. To find these most effectively, log in to the Teacher or Student Portal, open the Student Book, and use the search function to look for "Extension". 
  • Extension activities for high school programs, SGI: Biology and EDC: Earth Science
    • SGI: Biology "Case Studies"
    • EDC Earth Science "Resource Supplements
    • To find these most effectively, log in to the Teacher or Student Portal, open the Student Book, and use the search function.
  • Science as a Human Endeavor
    • Learn more about the interests and accomplishments of science and engineers who are doing or have done work related to your current unit. Visit the SEPUP Third Edition page and click the "Student Links" under each unit. 

6) Join our Lab-Aids® social media communities to collaborate with other SEPUP middle school and high school Biology teachers. 

If you have purchases or professional development that need to be rescheduled due to closures, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can help make arrangements.